How is Income from House Property taxed?




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    Rohan Sharma

    Great work by ITR team it really nice to explaing everything about taxes.
    Thnx for this this really help me alot.This blog is really helpfull for us to know more about ITR. This tell us everything that we should know about ITR. This is like a algorithm to fill taxes becaute it tell us step by step how we should fill taxes and yes it is also easy to understand. It tell breifly and accurately about taxes. The best thing about this blog is that we can get every information hear only. we shoud not go on different side to search about itr. It's really great that u take initiative to tell people about this and your way of representation of thought is really good.We can understand out problem very easily and get our answers faster.Great keep it up.

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    Amit Kumar
    • Great work by ITR team it really nice to explaing everything about House-property-taxed.The loan must be taken for the acquisition of the property.The loan should be sanctioned in FY 2016-17.Loan amount should not be more than Rs. 35 Lakh.The value of the house should not be more than Rs 50 Lakh. your blog are very useful for me, with your blog i understand about House Property,Self-occupied house property,Let out property,Deemed to be let out property, tax computed(by step) and loss. Thanks for this blog keep grow and make new blog with new information.
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    Thank you for provinding such an amazing blog for house property taxes, after reading your whole article now I know all about house property atx how they charge and in what conditions they will charge appreciate your work, well done but I wanna ask something that if any property or building is their but it is not in use so it will chargeble or not or if chargable so at what condition?

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